My journey to becoming a Web Developer!

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What It took Me To Get Into Web Development!

Web Development and Programming in general is hard, but millions of people learn to code everyday. Everyone’s career journey, especially in web development is different. These days, you don’t necessarily need a masters, or even a 4-year degree in computer science to get into technology. As new tools emerge — seemingly a new one every few weeks or month — the most important thing is your willingness to learn and take on new challenges in this evergreen industry.

I’ve been a Web, Tech, and computer fanatic/enthusiast for quite some years now. I’ve spent much time reading, researching and checking many articles, tutorials, and videos about the latest tech, web news, new applications, and different developer tools that could help me with my journey on learning web development.

After much reading and researching into the different paths you can take, from front-end development to back end development to full-stack, QA, DevOps, AI specialist and more. I decided to focus and niche down on taking one path which was front-end development.

Front End developers for the most part are responsible for implementing elements of different types for the users to interact with in a web application…for the most part. With different developer tools releasing more frequently than ever, features from these tools help bring the front-end back-end and servers together in order to make dynamic and progressive web and mobile apps and websites.

Where it all started…

Google…Google becomes your best friend. Google has the answer to everything and if it doesn’t, find it and put it there!!. Anyways, I’ve always been into computers and how the web works so I figured why not learn the way it runs and try to make some money along the way. First I started from the basics which was learning about HTML and CSS. While surfing the web I stumble across many learning platforms such as Udemy, FreeCodeCamp,Codecademy and many more.

First I went through the complete web developer course on Udemy thats taught by Rob Percival. His course is pretty comprehensive when just starting out. I’ve followed his course through the HTML CSS and Javascript parts, picking up different type of skills like jQuery, bootstrap 4, Wordpress and a little more along the way.

I was so excited to get into building and creating different things that i couldn’t finish the whole course and begin to experiment with building different things. I created a github so I can begin to showcase some of my work. I started to slowly build simple, not-so-good websites, and simple elements such as a navbar, some text, numbers and list, nothing too special at first, but started to get the hang of it all.

I then signed up for freecodecamp’s web development curriculum they provide when you sign up. It help me understand how you need to think more logically when coding, and helped me understand javascript much better and how its used on the web through different coding exercises and challenges. They have a fullstack curriculum you can go through and learn all aspects of web development from front-end to data visualization to back-end and more. I’ve recently achieved my front-end certificate. Completing different challenges from unbeatable tic tac toe games to simple search engines that pull data from different API’s. All which you can see on my github.

Although going through these courses, reading different articles on medium and stackoverflow and many more tech blogs. Completing challenges, trying to solidify my skills in all aspects. I still felt like something was missing. I’ve still haven’t created something that I really liked. Something that I felt that actually meant something to me. So i decide to go with some advice I’ve read over of having a portfolio and or a blog, showcasing work and helping those in need to know what it may take to go down this road.

So here I am writing my first blog to just share some of the experience I started with when taking this path. So I begin to create this site. I’ve been getting into javascript frameworks such as reactjs and decided to base my site off of gatsbyjs. Its a static site generator that is build on react. So far my site is nothing too special but its something I feel most proud of.

Thanks for reading my first post, about my journey to become a Web Developer. If you reached this far, then I wish you all the success in your profession whatever you have chosen and never give up because you should do all your best, be patient and work hard if you want to achieve your goals, learn a profession and be successful at it. I wish you all the best. Have a good day.